Baby Found Alone In Israel Leads To Speculation

( )- Israel Airport Authority confirms that a newborn was left behind at a check-in booth at the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv while the parents were checking in for a trip on Ryanair to Brussels, Belgium.

The authorities claim that the family arrived at the airport terminal late, after the check-in desk had closed, and that the parents forgot to buy a ticket for their young child. They made a terrible decision when they were told they couldn’t board the flight without a ticket for the infant.

They left their child in the carrier next to the check-in desk and ran to the gate.

There is a video shot at the airport that purports to show the newborn left behind, as well as the airport officials chasing the couple and encouraging them to return for their kid.

The personnel at the airport became aware of what had occurred and immediately alerted the authorities, who located the parents and detained them for further investigation.

The official website of Ryanair states that “infants may be added to a flight reservation throughout the process of online booking.” An adult passenger may hold a baby on their lap, and the cabin staff will provide a safety harness for the child passenger. When traveling with a child less than two years old, a one-way flight will cost an additional €25 (about $27 in the US).

The parents were detained for interrogation and ended up missing their trip.

The manager of the Ryanair desk said that everyone was in astonishment and said, “We’ve never seen anything like this.”

“We couldn’t believe what we were seeing,” the manager said.

The Israel Airports Authority claims that what took place was that the pair came late to Terminal 1 after the check-in kiosk had already closed for the day.

They just put their child on the conveyor belt at the location so that they could go through the checkpoint and cope with the security measures.

The police said that by the time they got there, the problem had already been solved. They said the baby was with the parents and there was no further investigation.