5-Year-Old And Infant Brother Survive 55 Hours Trapped In Car Crash

(RoyalPatriot.com )- People in Australia call a five-year-old girl a hero because even though she probably didn’t know it, she saved her younger brother’s life after their parents died in a car accident that left them stranded for days.

According to reports, a family member discovered the tragic event when Cindy Braddock, 25, Jake Day, 28, and their three young children did not show up to a Christmas party.

The family’s Land Rover Discovery was found by police in the small town of Kondinin, Western Australia, on Tuesday morning. Braddock and Day were pronounced dead at the scene.

The report says that their three children, who were five, two, and one at the time of the accident, were trapped in the car for days.

Michael Read, a family member, told local news that the children were stuck in the car for 55 hours in 86° heat. No one knows what happened to them. Read said that the little girl, only five years old, probably saved her brother’s life when she took him out of his car seat.

Read said that if the 5-year-old girl hadn’t taken off the buckle on the 1-year-car old’s seat, he wouldn’t be with us today.

The report says that the children were taken to a nearby hospital and treated for severe dehydration. The kids did not suffer any life-threatening injuries.

Helen Whitbread, Cindy Braddock’s friend, said the town would never get over it. Whitbread was going to see Braddock after Christmas, but now that her friend has died, she is saddened. Whitbread said the town would never be the same without them. She claimed that Cindy had taken great care of the babies, but now they won’t have a mother.

People are now being warned to be careful on country roads.  Cam Dumesny from the Western Roads Federation said road safety needed improvement in Western Australia.

Hopefully, a relative will adopt the children together instead of splitting them up.
What a heartbreak.