200 Tons Of Aid Headed To Gaza

A charity ship has sailed for Gaza carrying 200 tons of food gathered by World Central Kitchen.

World Central Kitchen’s creator and chef José Andrés requested more entry points to Gaza to facilitate the transfer of humanitarian supplies. According to reports, the Spanish humanitarian organization Open Arms is transporting the supplies.

Andrés posted a picture of the ship getting ready to set sail on social media. He emphasized that now is the moment for concrete steps, not empty rhetoric. Humanitarian assistance is essential, and the world must stand with us to provide it to the Palestinians.

According to their website, the organization has established over 60 neighborhood kitchens in Gaza, dispatched over 1,400 trucks over the Rafah border crossing, and distributed over 35 million meals since the commencement of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Andrés expressed his hope that a peaceful resolution to the Middle East would be a good omen at the start of Ramadan.

An additional 500 tons of assistance are reportedly prepared to be sent to Gaza. WCK claims to have 500 more tons of relief supplies in Cyprus, all set to be sent. The organizations will transport aid straight to Gaza.  

WCK said it was constructing a landing dock in Gaza using debris and parts of demolished structures to address the port’s infrastructural gap. This endeavor is distinct from the one that U.S. President Joe Biden recently unveiled to construct a temporary port in Gaza to enable the shipment of goods by sea.

According to Cypriot authorities, the journey across the Mediterranean Sea, which is 200 miles long, might take as long as two days. Media outlets note that the United Arab Emirates provides the majority of the funding for the expedition.

U.S. military construction of a short-term port on the coast of Gaza to enhance assistance shipments was announced by the US only days after American and allied air drops of supplies to Gazan people started.

The floating pier, however, may need up to 1,000 service personnel and will take two months to build.

The US and its allies are in the midst of ongoing negotiations with Palestinian terror group Hamas and Israel over a temporary ceasefire. The goal is to free Hamas’ remaining captives and enhance the delivery of food, water, medicine, and other supplies to the area.