2-Year-Old’s Overdose Leads To Parents’ Arrests

Two Albuquerque parents have been arrested after their two-year-old daughter nearly died from a fentanyl overdose.

After receiving a report on Sunday, Albuquerque police found a little kid lying on the floor of her home in the northwest city.

The child was breathing slowly, and their pupils had shrunk to ‘pinpoint.’ Expert medical opinion was consistent with an opiate overdose, according to the case files.

The Albuquerque Police Department claims that the patient responded immediately when they administered Narcan.

A family member told KOB 4 that the girl is expected to be okay.

David Olivas first denied that any illicit drugs were present in the house. However, Chanel Gallegos, the child’s mother, admitted to investigators that she had a history of drug abuse.

It was documented that during the search, authorities found a “Ziploc bag with a large quantity of small round, blue pills.” The officers also reported smelling the odor of burning foil and fentanyl.

This is the second child under the age of two to nearly die from an overdose in the past two weeks.

New Mexico made pledges in 2019. The state has enacted legislation based on the federal Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act. A plan to support the families of mothers who give birth to children who have been exposed to drugs is required.

The goal is to put them in touch with resources to help them become drug-free. Or cope with their addiction. Contrary to what Investigators found a few months earlier, the state is not making significant efforts to track or monitor those families.

Gallegos’ dad talked to KOB 4 about his son. Channel and her little son, who is now two years old, should have qualified for the program, he admitted. But he said that they didn’t have any help and that he didn’t even know what a care plan was.

Investigators are looking into allegations that both Gallegos and Olivas abused a child.