12-Year-Olds Can Consent To Gender Surgery In Spain Now

(RoyalPatriot.com )- A new transgender bill has been adopted by the Spanish parliament and may make it lawful for youngsters as young as 12 to transition. The conservative opposition has promised to overturn the bill.

Last week the Spanish parliament passed the contentious “Trans Law,” which allows anybody over the age of 16 to legally alter their gender upon simple request. The law was backed by Minister of Equality Irene Montero.

Under the new legislation, minors as young as 12 will be allowed to legally change their gender with judicial approval, and those between the ages of 14 and 16 would be able to do so with parental permission.

The head of the ostensibly conservative People’s Party (PP), Alberto Nez Feijóo, promised his party would strive to abolish the legislation if voted to power in the next general elections in December.

The PP is particularly opposed to the fact that kids over the age of 16 may now alter their gender without parental approval, claiming this would have adverse effects on society.

Feijóo has also said that he intends to roll back the abortion law’s recent amendment that makes it possible for minors to obtain abortions without parental approval.

If a doctor at a public hospital objects to performing abortions, they will no longer be required to do so under the new system.

News outlets report that the new “menstrual leave law” would make it mandatory for schools and jails to provide free menstruation supplies, while publicly funded health clinics will do the same for hormonal contraceptives and the morning-after pill.

With this new policy in place, female employees with severe menstrual cramping will be able to take time from work while still being compensated for their efforts.

Nevertheless, the PP has recently fought with the populist party VOX over abortion after supporting an amendment to the abortion legislation that would exclude areas from enacting pro-life measures, including providing pregnant women with the choice to hear the heartbeat of their unborn child.