Trump Lawyer Claims Little Legal Preparation Needed

On Sunday, Alina Habba, a lawyer for former President Donald Trump, said that her client would not need to do anything to prepare for his upcoming trials.

Fox News host Shannon Bream questioned lawyer Alina Habba about how the 77-year-old Trump managed the Republican nomination run in 2024 while facing many court cases.

Habba said if they talked about a regular person, she could see why the host would be worried. She said the President of the United States is not a typical person.

She said he also knows the facts since he went through them, adding that he doesn’t need to be prepared for the truth. She said they are not worried about it since “you don’t need to do much preparation when you haven’t done anything wrong.”

Bream outlined the history of Trump’s indictments and emphasized that, if found guilty on all 91 charges, Trump faces up to 700 years in prison.

Habba argued that she had “zero worries” about Trump’s presidential bid and that she and her husband plan to vote for him in the next election in either October or November of 2024.

On the 13 counts of election interference in Georgia in 2020, Trump was put into the infamously filthy and insect-ridden Fulton County Jail last Thursday.

His scowling mugshot from booking was used to promote a $7.1 million fundraising haul for his campaign.

There is a Fulton County charge against him, a Manhattan indictment with 34 counts, a federal indictment with 40 counts for alleged hoarding of confidential data, and a federal indictment with four counts for alleged subversion of the 2020 election.

Trump has consistently denied any misconduct.

The former president has entered not-guilty pleas in the federal and Manhattan district attorney’s offices.

Next month, he will be arraigned on the accusation brought against him in Fulton County.