Tesla Issues Second Recall In Mere Weeks

Reports indicate a serious safety concern with the doors of 120,423 Model S and X Tesla automobiles has led to the recall.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has reported that an unlocked door might potentially open in an accident due to the latch not being properly secured. In addition to raising the possibility of harm to passengers, this issue indicates a lack of adherence to federal safety rules.

An over-the-air (OTA) update to the software is being developed by Tesla to fix the door safety issue, which the company is addressing. As part of its efforts to keep impacted car owners apprised of the situation and its resolution, Tesla intends to notify them by letter in February.

A report revealed a few weeks ago that Tesla recalled nearly 2 million US-based cars to fix safety issues with its Autopilot software, including the Autosteer function.

Drivers are nevertheless advised to maintain a firm grip on the wheel and monitor road conditions and traffic, even though Tesla’s Autopilot technology is designed to keep the car in its lane.

Accidents are more likely to occur when drivers use Autopilot because it causes them to lose focus on the road, and, according to studies, many of these drivers mistakenly think their vehicles can drive themselves.

Regulatory examination in the United States and other countries has focused on Tesla’s Autopilot technology, which has been the subject of unfavorable headlines.

Multiple price cuts in the last year have likely contributed to an uptick in sales of electric vehicles. Tesla’s Model 3 dropped to $38,990 and the Model Y to $45,990. During its October 2023 earnings call, Tesla attributed the price decreases to economic uncertainties, rising interest rates, and changing customer attitudes.

Results from an examination of startup manufacturers’ year-end sales data are diverse. Some companies, like Rivian and China’s BYD, had a lucrative 2023, while others had their shortcomings exposed. On the other hand, when it came to sales of battery-electric vehicles worldwide in 2023, Tesla was the victor.