Murder Suspect Alleges He Has An Alibi

The murder suspect in the killings at the University of Idaho, Bryan Kohberger, intends to reveal further information about a possible alibi in the next month. His trial date has not been announced.

Regarding the possible alibi for the killings in November 2022, prosecutors on the case requested more information from Kohberger’s defense team in February. Judge John Judge, who is presiding, has ordered the attorneys for Kohberger to present evidence of an alibi by April 17.

After the fatal stabbings of Kaylee Goncalves (21), Madison Mogen (21), Xana Kernodle (20), and Ethan Chapin (20), 29-year-old Kohberger is facing four counts of first-degree murder and one count of criminal burglary.

Kohberger was taken into custody at his parents’ Albrightsville, Pennsylvania, home in December 2022.

Although he chose to stay quiet before his arraignment, Kohberger has maintained his innocence throughout the case. After hearing Kohberger’s case, the judge entered his not-guilty pleas on all counts.

The Goncalves and Kernodle family members were understandably agitated last month when they learned that prosecutors and Kohberger’s defense had failed to reach a trial start date.

Bill Thompson, the prosecutor for Latah County, had initially requested that the trial begin on March 3, 2025. But Anne Taylor, Kohberger’s lawyer, asked for more time to review the paperwork and evidence. She recommended that the trial be rescheduled until June 2025.

The judge has delayed establishing a trial date due to pre-trial disputes. The alternative is a May 14 court appearance to discuss the potential relocation of the trial from Latah County.

A January filing by Kohberger’s lawyer contended that a fair and impartial jury could not be found in Latah County because of the following: the community’s small size; the alleged crimes’ salacious nature; the severity of the charges against Mr. Kohberger; the widespread and inflammatory publicity surrounding his pretrial publicity; and the inadmissible public allegations made about him by the media.

Defense counsel for Kohberger has sought to dismiss the grand jury indictment on the grounds of juror bias and to seek a change of trial site.

Judge Judge denied these motions.