Jewish Americans Fear As Antisemitism Rises In America

Jewish students from the United States who are now studying in Israel have spoken out against what they view as an increase in antisemitism in the United States in the wake of the worst terrorist attack in Israeli history.

A Baltimore, Maryland, student, Gideon Rone, expressed his dismay at the anti-Semitism he has witnessed during anti-Israel demonstrations across the country in support of Hamas during the conflict with Israel.

Fourteen hundred individuals were killed by terrorists in the most brutal ways witnessed in 75 years. Rone argued that the lack of sympathy for Jews was due only to their religion.

An Englewood, New Jersey, student, Oran Goodman, is perplexed by the behavior of others who tore down posters of the hostages captured by Hamas.

According to Rone, Jews weren’t even given appropriate time to grieve. Anti-Israel demonstrations began the following day in the United States.

Goodman says he is reconsidering his decision to enroll at NYU for the upcoming academic year. When asked if he felt comfortable attending college, he said he didn’t know. He hasn’t figured it out yet. A piece of him “wonders.”

According to Rone, he is much more secure in Israel than in the United States, which is a telling sentiment.

Beth Levin, a Bronx resident and American citizen, also preferred Israel. Levin states that she is appalled by the anti-Israel demonstrations in the United States. She said her desire to be in Israel, the Jewish homeland, is more vital than ever imagined. There is nowhere else for her to go, explained Levin.

“What on earth is going on?” Why is everything backward?” Asked Goodman. As a Jew in the United States, he no longer feels safe. He had never before worried about his safety as a Jew in America.

We don’t need more division in the world, but that’s all we see,” Rone said.

These young people believe that by speaking up, more people worldwide will come to stand with the Jewish people.