House GOP Reveals Its First Oversight Hearing Target

( )- Now that the Republican Party is officially in control of the House of Representatives, committees will start getting to work following through on the promises of investigating different aspects of the Biden administration.

This week, the House Oversight Committee announced that the first hearing it will hold will look into how the White House has handled the migrant crisis at the U.S. southern border with Mexico.

The hearing has been announced to take place on February 6, and it comes at a time when there has been a record number of illegal immigrants attempting to cross into the United States. These people have felt much more comfortable and welcomed by the Biden administration and its policies, compared to the previous Trump administration.

On Thursday, the House Oversight Committee said that they’ve asked several sector chiefs of the southern Border Patrol to testify, and have also requested documents be sent to them directly from Alejandro Mayorkas, the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

The topic of those probes will be the Biden administration’s “role in undermining” security efforts at the southern border.

In December alone, federal authorities at the southern border had more than 250,000 encounters with migrants, which marked the all-time high.

Two weeks ago, President Joe Biden visited the southern border for the first time during his administration, which came nearly two years after he first took office — even though the migrant crisis has been going on for almost all of his time in the White House.

During his administration, Biden has instituted policies to change the parole system as well as the admission system for migrants. These same people were very likely to be kicked out of the country swiftly under Title 42, which is a policy put in place under the Trump administration during the COVID-19 public health emergency.

For his part, Biden has tried to blame Republicans in Congress for not working to find solutions to fix the entire immigration system that he has said is simply “broken.” Republicans have countered that notion by saying that Biden is the one who needs to take responsibility for doing so.

In a statement released on Thursday, James Comer, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said:

“President Biden’s radical open borders agenda has ignited the worst border crisis in American history. The Biden administration’s deliberate actions are fueling human smuggling, stimulating drug cartel operations, enabling deadly drugs such as fentanyl to flow into American communities, and encouraging illegal immigrants to flout U.S. immigration laws.

“Republicans will hold the Biden administration accountable for this ongoing humanitarian, national security and public health crisis that has turned every town into a border town.”

Mayorkas has tried to sidestep responsibility for the border crisis as well, pinning the responsibility in Biden’s laps. That hasn’t sat well with new House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who has threatened to levy impeachment charges on Mayorkas.