Frustrations Surrounding Biden Grow As Poll Numbers Flop

President Biden’s popularity ratings have been poor for more than a year, and he is now lagging behind Trump in head-to-head matches and crucial swing states, according to recent surveys.

Biden’s popularity rating fell to 34% in a survey issued Monday by Monmouth University, while it stood at 37% in a poll published by the Wall Street Journal.

Younger people have been skeptical of Biden’s support for Israel, and other surveys have rung warning bells for him among this demographic. On Tuesday, a study by Siena and the New York Times revealed that just 33% of people favor Biden’s stance on Israel. According to the same survey, among eligible voters under 30, Trump had a 6-point edge over Biden.

In 2020, Biden defeated Trump by nearly 20 points in the youth demographic; thus, this outcome is startling.

After many setbacks, including with student loans and increasing rents and mortgage costs, some have speculated that 81-year-old Biden is struggling to persuade a significant portion of the Democratic base to continue to have trust in his leadership. Even more damaging to him is the fact that the Israel-Hamas conflict is a contentious topic on college campuses and inside the Democratic Party. The president has reportedly met with advisors—including White House staff and outside personal confidants—to address Trump, the dismal polling, and the best way to highlight the president’s achievements.

The White House has maintained for a long time that the 2024 election will be very close, but when people start to see Biden as being similar to Trump, the tide will turn in their favor. They point out that polls don’t mean much this close to the election and that commentators have been wrong before when declaring Biden defeated. But today, the likelihood of Trump becoming the Republican candidate is growing.

In a surprising move this week, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that Trump would not be eligible to appear on the state’s primary ballot.

Since the ruling supports Trump’s claims that Democrats and institutions are actively working against him, many believe it might aid him in the GOP primary and perhaps in the general election as well.

The Biden team has spared no effort in its efforts to discredit Trump. Most notably, they have seized on Trump’s recent comments on immigrants contaminating American blood, portraying them as antisemitic and reminiscent of Adolf Hitler.

Nothing is working.

Team Biden is panicking.