Democrat Rep Urges Everyone to Support Tlaib Censure

Since the 46th president of the United States Joe Biden entered the oval office in January of 2022, problem after problem has faced the American nation in an increasing fashion at home and overseas. Millions of illegal migrants have entered the nation through the porous southern border since the commencement of his term, and these individuals entered a saturated job market, helping to keep wages low. The middle class continues to shrink, affected greatly by inflation which crushes the American consumer and diminish the buying power of the dollar. Some 60% of families continue to live paycheck to paycheck. Ultimately, these strikes are mostly an indicator of the seriously declining state of life in America.

Internationally, the world is in turmoil. Biden has appeared incompetent and often incoherent at the global level. Adversaries of America have taken notice and acted in an emboldened and threatening fashion. In eastern Europe, Russia invaded Ukraine in February of 2022, bringing armed conflict and warfare back to the continent for the first time since the end of the second world war in 1945. In the pacific, China has remained assertive and threatened U.S. dominance in the region. Recently, the nation flew a record number of planes over the island of Taiwan, which they claim as their own territory.

In the middle east, in early October the Islamic terrorist group Hamas invaded Israel, murdering over 1,000 innocent civilians. Israel subsequently declared war on Gaza, and the region is in general extremely unstable. Many experts assert that world war three is a real possibility. In federal congress, several Muslim and progressive Democrats do not support Israel and have openly backed the terrorist group Hamas. Rashida Tlaib has blamed Israel for a bombing of a hospital in Gaza and spoke at an anti-Israel protest at the U.S. capitol which became violent. A fellow Democrat named Jared Moskowitz urged his colleagues to support a resolution to censure her.