Canada’s Health Dept. Caught In Pricey Influencer Campaign

The government has allegedly paid Canadian social media influencers over $680,000 to promote various initiatives, including the experimental COVID-19 shot.

Starting in 2021, the Department of Health acknowledged hiring X “influencers” (then known as Twitter) to promote government programs to their significant followers openly.

Influencers were urged to support government initiatives without disclosing their compensation for being propagandists.

Some accounts have been removed; however, one of the influencers, who went under the name “Chelazon Leroux,” acknowledged receiving cash to promote the COVID shot but denied that it represented propaganda.

While the March 24, 2021, notice did reveal that Health Canada intended to engage influencers, it did not specify how much the effort would cost. Program guidelines said that influencers should work to “raise the department’s credibility” and avoid doing anything that may “tarnish Health Canada’s or the Government of Canada’s reputation.”

Even though Health Canada tried to defend the initiative, many Canadians saw through its justifications and saw it as governmental brainwashing.

The COVID-19 vaccine was hastily prepared yet pushed by the Trudeau administration and the Department of Health. In 2021, Trudeau expressed his concerns about the actions of some Canadians, calling them science deniers. He also said they were “frequently misogynists, often racists” and questioned the wisdom of continuing to “tolerate these individuals.”

According to a new study by the Canadian organization Correlation Research in the Public Interest, 17 nations have shown a “clear causal relationship” between spikes in all-cause mortality and the rapid distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.

An internal email from the US Department of Health and Human Services was revealed in November and showed that authorities have refused to divulge data on COVID-related internal audits that point to “serious flaws and gaps” in the response to the pseudo-pandemic.

Not long after the so-called “safe and effective” vaccinations were released, Statistics Canada discovered that fatalities from COVID-19 and “unspecified reasons” had increased dramatically.