Biden Whisks Past Reporters Between Vacations

A majority of the public disapproves of Biden’s presidential performance. His current approval rating is 40%. Aside from the dismal job he is doing, much of the American public despises him personally. They think he is corrupt and participated in his drug-addicted son’s bribery schemes. They know he is “the big guy.”

For these reasons, Biden stays in remote vacation areas instead of making the rounds on the campaign trail and pressing the flesh. Too often, he is met with derision, and the optics are detrimental.

While Maui was on fire, President Joe Biden relaxed alone on a beach in Delaware. When asked about the mounting death toll from the flames, he coldly ignored the topic and said, “No comment.”

Joe Biden, who had recently returned from two separate trips, walked slowly across the South Lawn and ignored queries from reporters. Biden has been absent from his office, on vacations, at an unprecedented rate. Forty percent of his time in office has been spent on vacation. (Which, coincidentally, matches his approval rating of 40%.) Biden has taken well over 360 vacation days with a year and a half of his term to go.

Biden, who has been on vacation practically all of August despite problems at home in the U.S. and abroad, will return to the beach later this week.

After the beach respite, he promptly left for another carefree vacation in Lake Tahoe.

Biden decided to visit Maui to see the devastation from the recent wildfires and speak with survivors only after intense public pressure. He hardly spent time in Maui before hopping on a plane to return to Tahoe. After Biden rambled on and on about himself, residents of Maui gave him the finger. The boos were just as loud for Joe Biden when he left a spin class in Lake Tahoe.

When Biden made fun of Trump’s mugshot, he was met with the loud boos.

As he left Lake Tahoe, he was also given the middle finger.