40+ Sources Allegedly Gave The FBI Info On Biden

Despite “criminal information” from more than 40 anonymous sources, Senator Chuck Grassley claims that the Department of Justice and the FBI have closed their investigation into the economic transactions of the Biden family. Grassley claims this shows the FBI is politically biased because they have tried to halt their investigation into the Biden family. He claims that such a move on the part of the FBI is highly unusual and begs for an investigation into whether or not the information provided was adequately investigated or simply shut down out of partisan politics.

The Justice Department attempted to dismiss the “criminal information” against the Biden family by calling it “foreign disinformation,” Grassley said.

During Joe Biden’s term as vice president, the FBI received information from confidential human sources controlled by different FBI field offices about possible criminal activity on the part of Hunter Biden, James Biden, and Joe Biden. Grassley asserts that there is an effort within the Justice Department and FBI to halt investigations into the Biden family, suggesting that the Attorney General and the FBI Director, along with line agents and prosecutors, are tainted by significant political bias in their decision-making.

The senator claims that in 2020, the FBI was informed of “criminal financial and associated conduct” involving the first son, Hunter Biden, but chose to ignore it because of unfounded fears that it was the product of foreign disinformation.

FBI Supervisory Intelligence Analyst Brian Auten explains that the report he authored, titled “The Disinformation Assessment,” was utilized by a team at FBI headquarters to incorrectly label negative information about Hunter Biden as “disinformation” and put an end to any further investigation into the matter.

Moreover, the senator disclosed that in December 2019, the FBI closed a case looking into Mykola Zlochevsky, the owner of the Ukrainian company Burisma Holdings.

Former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, who was investigating Burisma, was dismissed from his position, and Trump had requested Zelensky to look into Joe Biden’s involvement.

According to the redacted FD-1023 form, an informant remembered Zlochevsky saying, “It cost 5 [million] to pay one Biden and 5 [million] to another Biden,” during a meeting in 2016.

So far, the Biden’s are skating, seemingly with the help of the highly partisan DOJ.