Yale Psychiatrist Against Trump Gets Fired

(RoyalPatriot.com)- Remember when a Yale University psychiatrist did the rounds on the media alleging that then-President Donald Trump was dangerous and mentally unfit? Well, she has finally been fired.

Bandy Lee, who spent much of 2018 speculating that the president was mentally unwell, has reportedly been fired over a tweet she made about Trump and Alan Dershowitz, one of the former president’s lawyers.

On Monday, Lee filed a complaint against the university alleging that they unlawfully terminated her “due to her exercise of free speech about the dangers of Donald Trump’s presidency.”

Isn’t it funny when radical leftists complain about freedom of speech?

Yale University spokespeople have so far offered no comment on the case, but the complaint put forward by Lee alleges that she was fired over a tweet she published in 2020 saying that “just about all” of the supporters of former President Donald Trump were suffering from a kind of “shared psychosis.”

It was not only wildly inaccurate but an indication that Lee either isn’t as well qualified or experienced in the field of psychiatry as she says or that she intended to use her position in the university to add weight to her insane arguments.

Lee also claimed that Alan Dershowitz, a member of Trump’s legal team, has “wholly taken on Trump’s symptoms by contagion.”

Dershowitz responded at the time to the tweet by writing a letter to Yale University administrators, describing how her comments constituted a “serious violation of the ethics rules of the American Psychiatric Association.”

No kidding.

Lee claims that Yale University has breached its contract with her and breached good faith by wrongfully terminating her.

“I have done this with a heavy heart, only because Yale refused all my requests for a discussion, much as the American Psychiatric Association has done,” Lee told the press.

“I love Yale, my alma mater, as I love my country, but we are falling into a dangerous culture of self-censorship and compliance with authority at all cost,” she said, with no hint of irony.

Would Lee defend the right of President Donald Trump to publicly question the integrity of a national election wrought with fraud?

We already know the answer to that.

Court documents show that Lee was disciplined after Dershowitz contacted the university, warning her that she would be terminated if she continued to make public statements of that nature.