World Leaders Target Republican Senator In Disturbing Attack

( )- The huffy mayor of Vancouver, Canada tried to get into a Twitter slap-fight with Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz over the weekend after Senator Cruz criticized the city’s handling of the anti-mandate Freedom Convoy truckers’ protest in Canada.

Of course, these kinds of huffy Twitter jabs roll off of Ted Cruz like rain from a duck’s back.

Last week, Mayor Kennedy Stewart told the protesting truckers that Vancouver didn’t want them there and told them to “make your point and go home.”

On Twitter Friday, Senator Cruz noted Stewart’s comment that Vancouver didn’t want the truckers and added that people might feel differently when their store shelves are empty.

A huffy Stewart, aghast that Ted Cruz would treat him with the same level of disrespect he showed the protesting truckers, tweeted asking someone to tell Cruz that 90 percent of Canada’s truckers are fully vaccinated and the “store shelves are fine.” Then Stewart suggested that he’d tell Cruz himself but he’s “too busy high-fiving” the people in Vancouver who are pushing back “against the #hateconvoy.”

The hate convoy. Good grief, what a great big girl.

Does every elected politician in the world have to try and emulate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez by acting like a huffy junior high school girl on Twitter? Grow up, Mr. Mayor.

But Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart isn’t the only foreign politician to get snippy with Senator Cruz.

In October, the Chief Minister of Australia’s Northern Territory attempted to engage in a slap fight with the Texas Senator after Cruz criticized the Northern Territory for calling for a vaccine mandate for frontline workers and “public-facing” employees, calling it “COVID tyranny.”

Chief Minister Michael Gunner, like Mayor Stewart, took the “well oh yeah?!” route and snippily responded on Twitter, arguing that almost 70,000 Texans have died from COVID while there have been “zero deaths” in the Northern Territory.

He snapped that Cruz didn’t know anything about the Northern Territory and said they didn’t need lectures from Cruz. Then he said if Ted Cruz was going to stand “against a life-saving vaccine” then Cruz doesn’t stand with Australia.