“World Economic Forum” Guest Says Free Speech Must Be Changed

(RoyalPatriot.com )- This past week, the global elites were gathered in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum’s annual summit.

This is the annual meeting where wealthy globalists and world politicians gather to discuss how to better impose their authoritarian ideals on the rest of the world.

The World Economic Forum was established by globalist crank Klaus Schwab who, in a speech on Monday declared that the future will be built by the Evil Mastermind Wannabes attending the summit.

How about no.

During one panel discussion on Monday, Australia’s “eSafety Commissioner,” Julie Inman Grant suggested that it was time for a recalibration of free speech.

Inman Grant bemoaned the “increasing polarization everywhere” and said “we” were going to “have to think about a recalibration” of a “range of human rights” that play out online, including “freedom of speech” and being “free from online violence.”

The eSafety Commissioner, who was reappointed by the Australian government to another 5-year term earlier this year, also called for similar “recalibrations” for “the right of data protection” and “the right to child dignity.”

And while Julie Inman Grant is Australia’s eSafety Commissioner, she also serves on the White House Gender Policy Council.

But Inman Grant wasn’t the only nut-case to address the World Economic Forum.

Another speaker, Alibaba Group President J. Michael Evans bragged about the development of an “individual carbon footprint tracker” that will be able to track people’s travel and what they eat.

Keep in mind, US lawmakers and governors from both parties attended this week’s WEF summit, as did members of the Biden administration.