Women’s Tech Conference Overrun With ‘Non-Binary’ Men

Over the last several decades, but most recently in the last heated few years, America has been embroiled in a cultural “cold” war. Progressives, moderates, and conservatives continue to clash in a battle for the national identity of the country. This conflict has primarily been driven by radical, far left progressives who have slowly and decisively infiltrated the ranks of the Democratic political party and moved what was once a moderate, center-left political machine supported by working class Americans extremely to the left. Progressives have attempted to dismantle the very foundations of historic American culture, beginning in the history books, and have called for and successfully achieved the removal of many historic statues across the country.

The American history curriculum has been revised in many progressively led states, with the founding fathers, the American revolution and the era in which independence was achieved discredited as a period of oppression and greed rather than hopeful, radical and a liberty filled period which changed the history of mankind in the positive forever. Recently, even basic questions such as gender and gender identity have been openly challenged; radical transgender ideologies have also been implemented in schools in several states. In New Jersey, several school districts have allowed for young men who “identify” as women to change in female locker rooms, putting the well-being of women at risk.

These transgender “women” have also been allowed to compete in female sporting events and some corporations even have allowed them to apply for “female” jobs. One professional conference which went woke has paid the price. The Grace Hopper Celebration, a tech conference for women, initially stated this year that it would welcome “non-binary” individuals and encourage their attendance. The career fair, which was founded for females, was then swarmed by men who identified as “non-binary”. One can’t blame young men for taking advantage of the lunacy; the current job market is saturated, highly competitive and brutal.