Women’s Soccer Team Crushed By Retired Male Soccer Players

The scoreboard showed 7-0 after a mere twenty minutes and 12-0 by the end of the 40-minute match, when a top US women’s soccer team competing in a worldwide soccer competition was ‘pickled’ by a squad composed of retired male players.

According to a report, both teams were in North Carolina for “The Soccer Tournament,” a worldwide 7-on-7 competition. Teams in the Soccer Tournament competed for a $1 million prize pool and included current and former professional soccer players who were widely regarded as the best in the world during their heyday.

According to a British media outlet, some former US Women’s National Team internationals played for the U.S. women’s squad. Mia Hamm, an American women’s soccer icon, served as the team’s coach.

The report revealed the men’s squad played as Wrexham AFC, a professional football club in Wales owned in part by Ryan Reynolds. The team included both former and current Wrexham players.

The men’s team was able to score freely against the women’s team in the widely-viewed video of the game, which they did right up through the end when they scored comfortably after taking the ball in the last seconds of the contest.

The announcer declared the game over and said that Wrexham beat the US women 12-0.

CBS Sports reported that the top women’s team lost 5–2 to a U-15 boys’ team in 2017 while practicing for two scheduled games against Russia at The Soccer Tournament, drawing analogies to that loss. 

It has prompted a lot of discussion about males in women’s sports on social media.

The United States was defeated by  France and England in the SheBelieves Cup a month earlier. They had defeated Germany (1-0) in their first game.

Despite dominating their group, Wrexham was eliminated in the round of 16 by Conrad & Beasley United, captained by former U.S. men’s national team players DaMarcus Beasley, and Jimmy Conrad, losing 4-3.