Woman Shot Dead By Masked Gunmen in Colombia

A chilling video has surfaced showing the horrific murder of an innocent 24-year-old woman at the hands of a masked assassin who rode off on a motorcycle.

The gunman was seen on CCTV footage approaching the scene in Montenegro, close to Bogota, when Angélica María Herrera Osmán, a party decorations company owner, was killed on May 27, according to the police.

The assailant, whose headgear obscures his identification, hops off his bike and dashes into a street doorway before, seemingly, realizing he’s entered the wrong door.

After stepping out and going next door, he dashes out onto the street and races for the bike, which seems like seconds after the murder happened.

The scary footage concludes with the killer and his getaway driver riding off.

On May 27, the horrific event occurred at Angélica’s place of employment, and four shell casings were subsequently found by the police. The establishment was her own company, “Celebrando Ando,” where she sold party décor.

Colonel Luis Fernando Atuesta of the Quindío Police stated that Angélica was shot numerous times while she was inside the store, and there was no exchange of words.

Although the authorities have eliminated robbery as a possible motivation, the exact reason for the death is still unknown.

Angélica allegedly did not encounter any hostile individuals or threats, according to the police and prosecution.

Investigators reviewed the camera video. It depicts two assailants in the background, with bystanders strolling along the street.

Jumping off the bike, the masked assassin approaches the two entrances and makes his way into the first.

He emerges serenely, takes a little detour to the next room, and then bolts.

Thanks to footage of his escape, the cops were able to follow the attacker’s path. They located the bike in a parking lot and announced that the owner would be interviewed.

Mayor Gustavo Pava Busch of Montenegro has offered a reward of 10 million COP (about £2,000) for information that leads to the apprehension of the culprits.

After obtaining a degree in social work from the University of Quindío in 2023, Angélica created her own firm.

Her murder is still under investigation.