Woman Sentenced After Horrifically Abusing 10-Year-Old

Recent news reports detail the 15-year jail term given to an Anaheim woman who tortured her stepdaughter and abused three more children in the house.

33-year-old Mayra Chavez was sentenced to seven years to life in jail and another 8 years for the heinous torture of her 10-year-old stepdaughter. She was additionally found guilty of assaulting her own two children and her second stepdaughter, all of whom were living in the same house.

After months of progressively humiliating and savage treatment, the 10-year-old girl was found with a shattered neck, a bone jutting through an unhealed wound, and bruising from head to toe, according to court records.

The officials said that the child weighed barely 50 pounds when she was discovered and was unconscious. She was admitted to the Orange County Children’s Hospital in August 2022. Domingo Junior Flores, the girl’s father, said that his daughter had wounded herself by falling down the stairs before he rushed her to the hospital.

The Anaheim Police Department detained Chavez and Flores.

Local reports show zip-ties were found around the dwelling when police investigated the couple’s residence.

Concerned family members had previously contacted police to do a welfare check on the youngster.

The girls’ caretakers in the hospital reportedly broke down in tears upon seeing her.

Deputy DA Bethel Cope-Vega said Chavez was able to hide from the outside world and abuse the girl since schools were shut down during COVID-19 lockdowns.

A county-wide newspaper reported during the trial that the girl was made to carry weights above her head and made to kneel on uncooked rice and cans.

While shackled, the prosecutors claimed Chavez stuffed hot peppers into the girl’s body cavities and had her head held under freezing water in the bathtub.

Orange County DA Todd Spitzer indicated that he wanted to conduct a probe of the systematic flaws that allowed for the girl’s mistreatment. What happened to these kids by the adults who were meant to safeguard them will be investigated thoroughly so that it never happens again.