Woman Punished By CNN For Tweeting About Jeffrey Toobin

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CNN’s Host Fareed Zakaria Agrees With Trump About Asylum

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Mary Katharine Ham, a CNN contributor and a former reporter for The Daily Caller, claimed the network suspended her after she tweeted about former legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin’s lewd behavior on a Zoom call.

In a post for MKHammer, Ham claimed that she had been suspended for seven months by the network’s former executives without being informed of any disciplinary action. She was told that former CNN President Jeff Zucker had granted her suspension, but she was unaware because management thought she might be a “loose cannon” after giving birth.

Ham stated, “There was a one-month difference between penalty for jacking off at work and commenting about the inadvisability of jacking off at work.”

During a Zoom call with employees from the New Yorker and WNYC radio in October 2020, Toobin—who was employed by CNN at the time—exposed himself. He was let go by The New Yorker following the incident, and CNN placed him on leave until June when he eventually returned.

Ham claimed that while criticizing men’s improper sexual advances was required during the #MeToo era, she was later forbidden from bringing up Toobin. Despite the alleged suspension, she urged women to speak out against harassment and unprofessional conduct from coworkers.

She said she is still amazed she ended up in this situation in 2022 and wishes she hadn’t.

“The days of remaining quiet about colleagues’ blatant sexual misconduct did not serve us well. That wasn’t a part of the #MeToo lesson, was it? My main takeaway was that I wanted younger women to know that I was able to survive, if not thrive, after speaking up about my treatment when necessary.”

She said the individuals who penalized her treated her cruelly. She doesn’t think it would be suitable to keep quiet about it. She said you’re always going to encounter some jerks who treat you poorly throughout your career, but possibly especially in a public-facing media career and even more so in a political media career. It can take the form of harassment, paternalism, or disdain.

She concluded that she enjoys being in the “ideological minority” at organizations like CNN because it is “good” to connect with others who hold different opinions.