Woman and Son Spared Prison After their Rottweilers Attack Person

Rottweiler dog, close-up, against the background of a city park. A beautiful Rottweiler dog, in natural conditions. Copy space

Dogs have often been known as “man’s best friend”. This is certainly quite true, but this does not mean that all people should have dogs and those who are not up to the responsibility of caring for an animal wholly dependent on the individual for everything should not own one. Additionally, people must learn how to properly care for these animals. As time goes on, it appears that countless incidents of people mishandling or placing their animals in stressful situations cause tragedies to occur. One Rottweiler dog assaulted a woman, who eventually died of her injuries. Marie Stevens was aged 40 years old and had lost a dog of her own after it passed away. She wanted to pet two Rottweiler hounds named Rocky and Frankie, owned by Brian and Rachel Walshe, a mother and son aged 42 and 69 years respectively. 

The hounds reacted harshly. Frankie bit Stevens on the arm, and then a savage attack ensued, with both bloodthirsty hounds mauling her and leaving her in a critical state. The incident occurred in Liverpool, England. Stevens had been employed as a care giver and hailed from at Brighton-le-Sands in Merseyside England. She had to get skin grafts before being released from the hospital. Sadly, just one day after returning home, she died following severe thrombosis. An autopsy claimed the death was a direct causation of the attacks. 

The incident had initially occurred in August of 2023. Both Brian and Rachel admitted guilt to the charge of owning a dog that caused injury in an out of control incident. Records demonstrated that the dog that provoked the assault, Frankie had been taken to a vet after showing signs of aggression just days prior the attacks occurrence in Park Lane West in the Netherton region of Liverpool. The tragic occurrence is a cautionary tale of the dangers some types of dogs can pose to individuals if unfortunately, they are mishandled.