Woke Free’ Beer Hits Shelves Across Southern States

Launched in response to Bud Light’s “woke” collaboration with a transgender influencer, Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer boasts that it has signed new distribution partnerships in various states, allowing it to appear in thousands of stores, pubs, and restaurants.

What started in April as an online-only company for 100% gluten-free beer enthusiasts is now distributed in shops and restaurants in Georgia and Arkansas.

Chief Executive Officer Seth Weathers said they first made fun of the company. People didn’t believe they could sell beer, didn’t think they could make it, didn’t think they could find distributors, and didn’t think they could get it on store shelves. Weathers is happy to announce they have done everything “in a few months.”

The conservative ale was a massive success with beer lovers, selling over $1 million in its first two weeks of release in April, drawing over 10,000 customers, and moving over 20,000 six packs.

As Weathers put it, “People are fighting back with their wallets,” and the company’s success directly results from that.

He said conservatives had finally had it with progressive businesses and were striking back financially. Weathers said they have decided to donate a part of their purchases to the countrywide campaign against woke school board members, which keeps in line with the issues that are important to their consumers,

According to Weathers, the number of states stocking the product will grow. He added that one can purchase the patriotic red, white, and blue brew across the United States, urging consumers to buy a six-pack “at a shop near you” in Georgia or Arkansas.

Let’s show the woke businesses that we mean business by establishing an everlasting brand that contributes to reviving American ideals, Weathers said.

Sales of Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer are up, while the parent company of Bud Light, Anheuser Busch, lost $27 billion in market value in less than two months after the boycott began, all because of a contentious ad campaign that featured transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.