Witnesses Tell How Clinton’s Lawyer Shopped For A Trump-Russia Data To Support A Hoax

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Last Friday, during the trial of former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann, two former CIA employees testified that Sussmann denied he was acting on behalf of a client when he took his Trump/Alfa Bank “evidence” to the CIA and appeared “frustrated” that government officials weren’t taking his information seriously.

One former CIA operative, identified in court only as “Kevin P,” testified that he and another CIA colleague, identified only as Steve M., met with Sussmann in February 2017 at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

According to Kevin P.’s testimony, at the meeting, Sussmann gave the men two thumb drives he claimed were from “contacts” that revealed a secret, backchannel between the Trump Organization server and a server at Russia’s Alpha Bank.

Kevin P. said Sussmann assured them that he wasn’t representing a client and acknowledged that he previously provided “similar but unrelated” information to the FBI.

After the meeting with Sussmann, Steve M. drafted a memo summarizing the meeting. In the memo, Steve M. noted that Sussmann was there on behalf of a client. This notation was then edited by Kevin P. who took out the word “client” and replaced it with “contacts.”

The second CIA witness, retired CIA officer Mark Chadason, testified that he met with Sussmann on January 31, 2017, at a hotel in northern Virginia at the request of a mutual friend.

In his testimony, Chadason said Sussmann told him he had information about a national security issue he wanted to pass on to the CIA. The Clinton campaign lawyer told Chadason that he received the information from a Republican client, but added that he didn’t think the client would want the CIA to know who he was.

Chadason testified that Sussmann also told him that if the CIA wouldn’t pursue the matter, he planned to take his information to the New York Times.

During cross-examination, Chadason said he didn’t see Sussmann’s remark as a threat. Instead, he believed it was an act of desperation, adding that Sussmann appeared “frustrated throughout the meeting.”