Will Biden REJECT Biden And Warren From A Possible Cabinet? This Report Thinks So

(RoyalPatriot.com)- According to a report from Politico, two of the country’s most radically far-left Senators may be frozen out of a possible Biden cabinet if Biden is elected president. The report suggests that both Warren and Sanders, who ran against Biden in the primaries and ultimately failed, may not be given the opportunity to take on the roles of Treasury and Labor Secretary respectively.

If true, it would be a kick in the teeth for Senator Warren who stood aside in the primaries to help Biden win against Bernie Sanders.

Politico said that the Democrats’ disappointing performance down-ballot “has put a serious damper on the prospect of their own members being plucked from Congress to join President-elect Joe Biden’s administration.”

Joe Biden is not yet the president-elect and it is unclear who has won the election as court cases loom and counts remain unfinished.

Rep. Gerry Connolly from Virginia said that the Biden administration “has to be a lot more sensitive of where you come from if you’re looking at members of Congress.”

“We cannot afford to put any seats in jeopardy,” he said.

Moderate and radical Democrats continue to blame each other for their poor performance in House and Senate races this year, with radicals like Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib refusing to embrace “unity” and so-called “moderates” like Joe Biden potentially looking to freeze our some of the influence of radical elements of the party. That includes Senators Warren and Sanders.

“In the Senate, Democrats privately acknowledge that liberals Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) no longer stand a chance of confirmation as long as Mitch McConnell remains majority leader,” Politico reporter.

And, even if the Democrats can take the two seats in Georgia in January, the Senate would be split 50-50 and centrist or moderate Democrats could easily stand in the way of liberal appointees.

Democrats in the House reportedly said that they are unwilling to risk special elections next year that could hurt their shrinking majority. They can thank the massive Republican gains in the House for that one.

The chances of Sanders and Warren being appointed to the Biden administration, or any members of the House being appointed from anywhere but a safe seat, seem slim.

One interesting thing to note here is that the Democrats are dealing with a crisis caused by the fact that they had a terrible night on election night, failing to take targeted seats in the Senate and losing several House seats too.

But Donald Trump lost? Let’s see what happens in court.