Why Robert Kennedy Jr Is Spreading Like Wildfire

Bill Maher is gushing about how “surprised” he is by what appears to be Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s rising poll numbers.

But others on the left say his campaign could do serious damage to both public health and the democratic process. How someone running for office is damaging democracy can only be explained by someone who has a warped view of freedom and the democratic process.

One of the driving factors for RFK’s participation in democracy is his belief that people should be free from mandatory vaccines that can harm them.

Charlie Kirk, president of Turning Point USA, has praised Kennedy. So has former Trump advisor Michael Flynn. Steve Bannon and Roger Stone, two former Trump advisers, have also suggested that Trump choose Kennedy as his running mate. 

These right-wing figures appreciate the old-school liberal who once embraced liberty.

This pseudo-union has been insidiously dubbed “pastel QAnon,” inferring that the red right-wing “conspiracy theorists” are joining forces with the blue left-wing “conspiracy theorists” to form a purple, or pastel, cabal of “crazy people.” 

The turth is, Kennedy scares the left because he reminds them of how far they have wandered from classic liberalism.

Kennedy argues that the Constitution was written to protect speech that was unpopular. He noted that most liberals in the country came down on the right side of neo-Nazis’ demands for the right to march.

Now, anyone they arbitrarily deem a Nazi cannot only not march, but they must also be canceled, punished, banished, and eradicated. 

Who are the fascists?

Kennedy often cites examples of corruption between government health agencies and pharmaceutical companies, such as NIAID owning half of the patent for the Moderna vaccine and six of Tony Fauci’s top aides holding royalties to it. The government placed a $150,000 cap on the amount these officials could earn from royalties before 2002, yet, Kennedy notes how Fauci owned the patent for a drug and was allowed to collect unlimited royalties.

Kennedy called Fauci the J. Edgar Hoover of public health and said he controlled global medical policy and had more power than any politician in history. 

RFK’s vaccination issue reveals the true nature of the totalitarian nature of the left, and the left does not like it.

Kennedy must be eradicated.