Why Putin Withdrew His Troops From Snake Island

(RoyalPatriot.com )- The Russian Ministry of Defense declared on June 30 that it was removing its final troops from the now-famous Snake Island in Ukraine.

According to reports, the island rose to fame internationally as the location where Ukrainian soldiers rejected Russian requests for surrender with the straightforward message “Russian battleship, go **** yourselves,” which subsequently served as a Ukrainian rallying cry in the early days of Russia’s invasion.

What Caused Russia to Leave Snake Island?

The Russian Ministry of Defense declared that it had finished its departure from Snake Island during a regular appearance by Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov, its chief spokesperson. However, this choice was not justified as a tactical requirement or another change on the battlefield.

Instead, the Russian Defense Ministry spokesman claimed that Russian forces stationed on the island had finished their task and left as a “gesture of goodwill.”
It was a demonstration to the rest of the world that Russia was not interfering with the efforts of the UN to organize a humanitarian corridor of exports to export agricultural products.

Reports show the assertion that Russia was not blockading Ukrainian land was puzzling, given the lack of evidence of relaxation in Moscow’s naval blockade on the country’s remaining ports.

It is more probable that the long-range artillery that Western nations have given to Ukraine has enabled that nation to attack Snake Island from the Ukrainian shore, rendering the island impossible to retain. Russian soldiers stationed on Snake Island seemed to be taking a lot of damage from Ukrainian attacks in the days before it withdrew from the island.

According to news reports, Ukrainian officials like Andriy Yermak, the head of the Ukrainian Presidential Administration, were eager to tweet proudly about the win on social media as word of the Russian pullout spread. General Oleksii Hromov of Ukraine said that although Ukrainian forces had not yet seized possession of the island, they would do so in the future when asked about restoring Ukrainian sovereignty over it.

Russia’s retreat from Snake Island undoubtedly gives Ukrainians an emotional boost in their fight against Russia’s invasion.