Whoopi Goldberg Makes Controversial Claim About The Bible

Last week, Whoopi Goldberg implied that the Bible would back parents’ right to force sex reassignment surgery on their underage children.

According to a report, during Thursday’s episode of “The View” on ABC’s midday talk show, Goldberg made the remarks after a discussion about a transgender Montana lawmaker who was disciplined for violating rules of decorum.

Goldberg disregarded the fact that supporters of Democrat Missoula state representative Zooey Zephyr had interrupted House proceedings by yelling and causing a disturbance, and they were kicked out of the gallery.  Many protestors were detained.

Zephyr, a biological man who identifies as a woman, unleashed a torrent of criticism for Republicans’  stance against transgender surgeries for children.

The Republican-controlled state house decided to censure Zephyr, effectively banning his presence in the chamber for the remainder of this year’s legislative term but allowing him to cast votes from his home.

Goldberg said that the GOP’s supposed support for parental rights necessitates allowing parents to agree to potentially harmful medical treatments for their children.

Goldberg then mockingly asked what Bible they were studying. She then claimed The Bible made it very obvious that parents were allowed to mutilate their children. Her co-hosts bobbed their heads in agreement with Goldberg.

According to a report, Americans have watched with disbelief and horror as ideas once promoted only by the mentally ill and those on the outs of society have quickly captured “mainstream” Western intellect, resulting in the degradation of humanity over the past decade. 

More than 80% of children with gender dysphoria grow out of it by late adolescence, and complete transition surgery commonly fails to resolve the increased propensity for self-harm and suicide among gender-confused individuals.

Reports show that physical and psychological damage may result from promoting gender confusion, and many “detransitioners,” people who have tried to function under a different “gender identity” before accepting their actual sex, testify to the prejudice and incompetence of the medical profession on the matter.