WHO Investigators Admits China Ordered Them What To Write, He Admits

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Danish World Health Organization chief Ben Embarak admitted recently that the Chinese Communist Party told him and his team what they should write in a report about the “lab leak” theory, confirming rumors that China was dominating and influencing the World Health Organization and diverting attention away from its multiple failures during the early days of the pandemic.

The Washington Post revealed that Embarek admitted that the World Health Organization’s investigations into the origin of the virus were influenced by China, and that the organization was only allowed to mention the lab leak theory on the condition that they did not provide any recommendations that suggested a follow up investigation in Wuhan was necessary.

Embarek said that “human error” could have been the cause of the bat virus jumping to a human host, but that the “Chinese political system does not allow authorities to recognize that.”

It was a clear admission that in China, it is impossible for any public official or scientist to recognize the possibility that the virus could have come from the Wuhan Institute of Technology – meaning that we can never truly obtain an honest answer from China on where this virus came from and how it jumped to human hosts.

The answer seems fairly obvious, of course…

The report from The Washington Post also revealed how Embarek said that his Chinese counterpart made a series of demands in order for the WHO to be able to discuss the lab leak theory. He said that a discussion over whether or not to even include the lab leak theory possibility into the final report went on until 48 hours before the mission with great pushback from China.

See for yourself:

If Chinese can control the results of an investigation, how can we ever say that this virus was not purposely leaked out of a lab, or carelessly released from a lab as a result of lax rules?