White House’s Claims About Best Practices For Children Are Controversial

(RoyalPatriot.com )- With Republicans pushing back against the radical “trans” indoctrination of young children, the Biden White House is doubling down on its support for surgical and chemical mutilation which it describes as “gender-affirming healthcare for transgendered kids.”

Last Thursday, press secretary Jen Psaki claimed in a briefing that “every major medical association agrees” that the chemical or surgical mutilation of children is considered a “best practice and potentially lifesaving.”

Psaki made this outlandishly evidence-free claim while announcing that the Biden Justice Department and Health and Human Service were putting states “on notice” for passing legislation that would protect young children from medical mutilation.

The announcement was prompted by the Alabama legislation that would prohibit the use of puberty blockers as well as chemical or surgical castration and other “sex change” mutilation of children.

Psaki’s claim is disputed at best.

There has been plenty of research that medically reinforcing gender confusion may offer short-term relief, but over the long term, it can cause significant emotional harm, including an increased risk of suicide.

What’s more, this so-called “gender-affirming healthcare” causes irreversible harm, including infertility, stunting an adult’s sexual function, and reducing life expectancy. Then there’s the psychological toll this “gender affirmation” will cause.

Studies have shown that over 80 percent of children suffering from gender dysphoria outgrow it by late adolescence if their confusion is not “affirmed” by adults like Jen Psaki.

In a column at the Daily Wire, psychiatrist Miriam Grossman disputed Psaki’s claim, noting that many in the medical field are far more cautious on “gender affirmation” than the Psaki suggests.

Grossman argued that what the White House is promoting is “nothing less than a reckless experiment on children.”

On his show Thursday night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted the Biden administration’s position on medical mutilation and its overall goal of usurping the rights of parents.

Watch that HERE.