White House To Bypass Congress for Green Agenda

(RoyalPatriot.com )- During Thursday’s press briefing, Jen Psaki’s stand-in deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre assured reporters that if the green “Climate Change” agenda is stripped from the massive $3.5 trillion “Build Back Better” Act, President Biden will use “every tool at his disposal” to enact the policies unilaterally.

In other words, just like other presidents before him, Biden will legislate through “executive action” in order to ram his climate agenda through.

A worried reporter expressed dismay that the “Clean Energy Performance Program” will be stripped from the reconciliation bill meaning Biden will be unable to meet his promised goals on reducing emissions. What concerned the reporter most was the “message” that would send to other countries ahead of the Glasgow Climate Summit that begins next week.

Jean-Pierre reminded the reporter that, when it comes to climate action, Biden “reestablished leadership on day one.”

Yes, by ending drilling leases on federal land and shutting down the Keystone Pipeline. Whoopie! Hurray for energy dependence and skyrocketing energy prices!

Jean-Pierre gave the worried reporter hope, vowing that President Biden will push ahead with his climate agenda “using every tool at his disposal” to “make significant progress on curbing emissions, growing our economy, and good-paying union jobs.” And, Jean-Pierre went on, Biden can do all of that “without Congress.”

But the press was not comforted. The reporter fretted how Biden can say the United States is a leader on Climate Change if he can’t get his green priorities passed through Congress.

Rather than address the question at hand, Jean-Pierre reiterated that the White House doesn’t need Congress to get it done “because we have had other ways of doing that.”

What appears to escape the dimwitted Jean-Pierre’s notice, however, is Congress is unwilling to push Biden’s radical “climate” agenda through because the American people do not want it.

That’s the point of representative government. And that is precisely why the branch of government most closely linked to the people writes the laws, not the President.

The American people care about the economy and illegal immigration. Climate change is not high on their list of concerns.

By vowing to move without Congress, the White House isn’t just defying the legislative branch; they are defying the will of the people.