White House Thinks Fetterman’s Primary Win Could Throw A Lifeline To Biden

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Lt. Gov. John Fetterman’s (D-PA) triumph in Tuesday’s Senate primary revives Democrats’ prospects of preserving a congressional majority in November, keeping President Joe Biden’s legislative program alive.

Fetterman won Pennsylvania’s Democratic primary despite having a stroke Friday and needing an emergency pacemaker Tuesday. Some Democrats credit his success to publicly adopting the president’s agenda while being more liberal than Biden on matters like marijuana legalization and sentencing reform.

Fetterman made many appearances with Biden in the lead-up to Tuesday’s vote, both in Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C., even without getting an endorsement from the president until after winning his primary.

DNC spokesperson Ammar Moussa anticipates Fetterman’s tactics to work even better against a Republican.

Moussa said that while Democrats are running on the Biden administration’s accomplishments and a plan to lower costs and build on our historic economic recovery and job creation, Republicans are running on an ultra-MAGA agenda that parrots Trump’s ‘big lie,’ threatens our freedoms, and could end Social Security and Medicare guarantees.

Moussa’s comment reflects previous White House language contrasting Democrats with “ultra-MAGA” opponents.

Biden celebrated the win Tuesday night, saying that John Fetterman’s election to the Senate would help Pennsylvania’s working people. As we await the GOP primary results, one thing is clear: these candidates aren’t your father’s GOP. They fought a nasty, chaotic primary to be the most extreme. They showed people their true selves — that whoever emerges would be too dangerous, cowardly, and radical to serve Pennsylvania in the Senate.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said on Wednesday that the president remains focused on delivering for the American people, and what you see from congressional Republicans and the GOP is the plan to raise taxes on the middle class, sunset Social Security and Medicare, and take away a woman’s right to reproductive healthcare.

Fetterman committed to “vote like the Democrat necessary to help achieve Biden’s BBB agenda,” a Biden staffer told the Washington Examiner.

Democrats believe Fetterman’s blue-collar populism can beat the Republican nominee.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, who has Trump’s backing, leads David McCormick by fewer than 2,000 votes; a recount is inevitable.