White House Says Parents Have Right To Decide Child’s Identity

According to a report, White House press secretary Jean-Pierre remarked that President Joe Biden thinks legislators should let parents and children determine whether it is acceptable for a youngster to undergo sex modifications.

A reporter asked Jean-Pierre whether Biden had any response to Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb’s signing of a measure barring puberty blockers, hormone therapy, and gender change surgery for children.

A child and their parents should figure it out together. Jean-Pierre stated that she and her colleagues did not think it was something lawmakers should determine.

President Biden has previously advocated for federal legislation safeguarding juvenile transitions and voiced his belief that states should not be able to restrict sex-change therapies.

According to reports, more and more de-transitioners are speaking out about the traumatic experiences they had as children when they were pressured into having genital mutilation surgery.

During a news conference held close to the White House, 18-year-old Chloe Cole, a natural female who transformed into a male, presented a strong statement against the awful treatment benignly disguised as a “gender-affirming” style of care.

Cole was advocating for the Preserve Children’s Innocence Act, introduced by Republican Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, which would prevent kids from gaining access to extreme medical procedures that they may regret later in life.

Cole, who had a double mastectomy when she was 15, asked how we arrived at a place where chemical castration of high-risk sex offenders is standard procedure at practically every pediatric hospital in the country. This procedure involves removing healthy breast tissue from youngsters while giving them chemicals used in chemical castration.  

Chloe stated that the system failed her, and she lost her organs.

According to a report, Chloe Cole thought she came to terms with her transsexual identity when she was 12.  The same year, doctors administered her testosterone and placed her on medication to prevent puberty. She had a double mastectomy when she was 15 years old. But by the age of 16 years old, she had already recognized she had made a mistake.

At 17, Cole decided to reverse her gender transition and join the increasing community of de-transitioners.  She said many unfortunate people would have to deal with the long-term health effects of a choice they made when they were young.