White House Moves Clinton Portraits Back Under Biden

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(RoyalPatriot.com)- Now that the Swamp is back in the White House, presidential portraits of controversial Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton were once again hanged on the walls of the Grand Foyer.

White House officials told far-left propaganda outlet CNN that the portraits were removed from the White House in July 2020, and replaced with two historical Republican presidents.

CNN described how White House traditions calls for portraits of the most recent American presidents to be given the most prominent placements on the walls of the building, but that under the Trump administration, the Clinton and Bush portraits were moved into a small and rarely-used Old Family Dining Room.

The Daily Mail, which is often attacked as a right-wing newspaper but which has repeatedly smeared former President Trump, took Biden’s side and praised his efforts to return to White House traditions.

“Biden has made it a point to return to White House traditions – such as the daily press briefing – and undo many of Trump’s actions, such as returning the United States to the Paris Climate Accords. Last month he called Trump ‘the former guy’ during a town hall meeting with CNN,” the outlet reported in a piece about the paintings.

Let’s face it, President Biden only called him the “former guy” because he forgot his name…

One tradition that’s unlikely to go ahead, however, is the unveiling of a presidential portrait for President Donald Trump hosted by President Joe Biden. Trump famously snubbed Barack Obama by refusing to invite him to a ceremony to unveil his portrait, and if Joe Biden really is a representation of normality, he’ll invite President Trump back to the White House for the unveiling…right?

However, so far, White House Press Secretary has indicated that they would not break with tradition.

“I have no portrait revealings or portrait plans or portrait events to preview for you, but I have not been given any indication that we would break with tradition in that regard,” she said.

Lucky for Joe Biden, President Trump will almost certainly decline the offer anyway.

The portrait of President Obama has yet to be unveiled, and many are speculating that Joe Biden will host the former Democratic president for the unveiling instead.

Maybe President Trump can unveil his own portrait once he returns to the White House in 2025…