White House Is Coordinating With Known Democrat Operatives

(RoyalPatriot.com )- The Biden administration has been working with far-left operatives to bring back an Obama-era Education Department regulation designed to punish for-profit universities.

The Department of Education has enlisted the help of David Halperin and Robert Shireman to benefit the leftist university elites while undermining alternative forms of education.

In large part due to their input, the Biden administration has repeatedly paused student loan payments and imposed new regulations on proprietary colleges requiring them to offer job training for vets, working-class families, and minorities.

And now they are pushing for a return to the Obama-era “gainful employment” requirement on for-profit schools as well – a regulation that does not apply to private or state-run liberal arts universities.

Halperin is a leading opponent of for-profit colleges. Along with Shireman, he was responsible for pushing Obama-era “gainful employment” regulations.

During the Trump administration, the “gainful employment” regulation on for-profit colleges was reversed. But Halperin and Shireman are pushing the Biden administration to bring it back.

Meanwhile, elite universities can offer garbage degrees that offer no chance of “gainful employment” while the Federal government tosses out student loans like confetti.

According to the Wall Street Journal, students pursuing a master’s degree at most American universities were graduating with a student loan debt their post-graduation income could never afford to pay back.

For example, students earning a master’s in film from Columbia University leave school with a median student debt of $181,000. Meanwhile, two years after graduating, about half of them will earn less than $30,000 a year.

A study by Texas Public Policy Foundation found that when subjected to the “gainful employment” test imposed on for-profit colleges, 51 percent of the failing programs are found at private, non-profit universities and 39 percent are from public universities. Only 11 percent of the programs from for-profit institutions fail the “gainful employment” test.

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