White House Halts Evacuation Effort Because They Don’t Want To Deal With Consequences

(RoyalPatriot.com )- The day before the August 31 deadline to have US troops out of Afghanistan, US military jets were still taking off and landing at the airport in Kabul, even after reports on Sunday of rocket fire targeting the airport. Among those seen boarding planes to leave on Monday were US service members sent to Kabul two weeks ago to facilitate the evacuation.

The White House said it had the capacity to evacuate the remaining US citizens who want to leave before the Tuesday’s deadline.

This news came only hours after five rockets targeting the airport were intercepted by a US anti-missile system.

Biden’s national security advisor Jake Sullivan estimates that there are still 300 Americans remaining in Afghanistan whom he claims “want to evacuate.” Sullivan added that the US has no plan to have a consular presence in Afghanistan once the US troop withdrawal is completed. Despite this, he vowed to make sure there was “safe passage” for Americans or “those Afghans who helped us” after August 31.

And how exactly will the US ensure that Americans and Afghan allies have “safe passage?” They’re trusting in the Taliban to do it.

The New York Times reported on Sunday that hundreds of students from the American University in Kabul who had boarded buses to the airport were turned away after seven hours of waiting, and told that evacuations had been permanently called off.

The students received an email notifying them that there would be no more rescue flights and evacuations would end on Monday, August 30. Instead, the only people who will be leaving from the airport on Monday will be US military personnel.

Now these 600 or so students and family are stuck. Worse still, since they had already begun the procedure to evacuate, the Taliban has their names and passport information.

On Sunday, the US carried out a second drone strike on suspected ISIS-K terrorists. The missile strike within the city of Kabul allegedly killed hit vehicles driven by terrorists purportedly on their way to launch a bombing outside of the airport.

However, reports on the ground in Kabul dispute the claim. It is reported that ten civilians were killed – including an Afghan interpreter and his family, along with several children as young as two.

While US Central Command concedes that civilians were killed in the strike, it maintains that the missile strike did take out terrorists and their explosive-packed vehicle as well.