White House Drops Oval Office For Press Conference Because It Has No Teleprompter

(RoyalPatriot.com )- The White House has decided not to utilize the Oval Office for news conferences partly because a teleprompter cannot be permanently installed in the space, which is a practical impossibility.

Aides to Vice President Joe Biden prefer to utilize a phony White House stage at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, located just next door to the White House and is outfitted with a simple-to-read teleprompter.

Vice President Joe Biden has been in office for more than 15 months and has stated publicly and privately that he intends to compete for reelection in 2024.

Biden is well-known for his numerous linguistic blunders. Democrats are concerned that Biden, who is 79 years old, will be unable to manage another presidential campaign.

According to information obtained by the Washington Free Beacon through a search of the Government Publishing Office (GPO), Biden has made public statements from the Oval Office just 21 times since taking office. All but three of the occurrences occurred during the Democrat’s tenure in office during the first four months. According to the Government Printing Office’s presidential records, former President Donald Trump made public statements from the Oval Office at least 45 times during his first 16 months in office.

In the popular vote in 2020, Biden defeated former President Donald Trump by 7 million votes, but both candidates received record levels of votes, collecting around 81.2 million and 74.2 million votes, respectively.

Trump has toyed with running for president in 2024, but he has not made a formal announcement. Instead, he has indicated that he would decide the midterm elections, in which he is testing his hold on the Republican Party with a wave of endorsements.

Biden’s approval ratings are down when inflation is high, the coronavirus is still present, and Russia has invaded Ukraine; however, the president believes he is “the only person” who can defeat Trump.

In a fit of smugness, Biden stated that if Trump were to run against him again, he would be fortunate, implying that Trump would be an easy contender.