White House Deploys Top Officials In Vaccines Blitz

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Even though the country won’t meet President Joe Biden’s vaccination goal, the White House is sending officials across the U.S. to urge Americans to get vaccinated.

On Thursday, Biden himself traveled to North Carolina where he visited a mobile vaccination unit. He and some of his top officials are trying to hit the pavement to get people to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

In North Carolina, only 55% of adults have received at least one dose of the vaccine. The White House originally set a goal of having 70% of adults receive at least one dose by the Fourth of July, but that’s unlikely to happen.

As Biden said while in North Carolina Thursday:

“We need more people to get fully vaccinated to finish the job. That’s why I’m here … Because of people like you here in Raleigh and across America, we’re going to win this fight.”

Biden’s wife, First Lady Jill Biden, made two stops on a trip to Florida with Dr. Anthony Fauci. Florida is another state struggling to get people vaccinated, especially among younger adults.

In addition, Vice President Kamala Harris held virtual meetings with leaders from various organizations who will be working to amp up the effort on a local level.

Doug Emhoff, Harris’ husband, attend a community vaccination event in Chicago with Vivek Murthy, the surgeon general. Their focus was trying to get younger Americans to get the vaccine.

While the White House said June was a “month of action on vaccinations,” they also admitted that they won’t hit their 70% goal by Independence Day.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevent, about 54% of Americans 12 years old and above had received at least one vaccine dose as of Wednesday night. Approximately 45% of the eligible population in the U.S. has been fully vaccinated so far.

In recent weeks, the pace of vaccinations in the U.S. has dropped significantly. At the same time, the White House and other health experts are concerned because of new COVID-19 variants that have proven deadly around the world.

Younger people have lagged considerably behind other age cohorts in getting vaccinated, and as such, they are a huge focus for the Biden administration.

Even though the Biden administration won’t meet its Fourth of July goal, officials have said they will push forward with a celebration for Independence Day next month. The White House has characterized the event as a “dual celebration” for U.S. independence and also freedom from coronavirus.

The outdoor celebration is set to host more than 1,000 people at the White House. Those invited include members of the military, health care workers on the front line, first responders and all of their families.

If it goes on as planned, it’ll be the largest event Biden has hosted in person since he entered the White House in January.

At the same time he’s hosting this large event, Biden and his top medical officials are warning about the grave dangers of the delta variant. The president referred Thursday to Fauci’s remarks that this variant could be the “greatest threat” to America’s progress from the pandemic.