White House Departure Announced

According to a report, it would always be an uphill struggle for Biden to declare his re-election campaign, given his historic unpopularity and doubts about his elderly age. But the sudden resignation of a senior staff member was expected to make the news that much more uncomfortable for him.

Susan Rice, a trusted counselor to Biden on domestic affairs and national security during President Obama’s administration, abruptly left her position.

During her time in the Clinton administration, Rice served in some high-profile capacities, particularly on the National Security Council. Her resignation is shocking because she has been closely associated with prominent Democrats.

Biden announced that Rice would leave her position early on Monday.

The rest of Biden’s address was a laundry list of Rice’s achievements, including the controversial “Affordable Care Act.”

The letter also praised Rice for bringing “equity” to the federal government.

Biden’s remarks for Rice ended with vague compliments and references to her service in the previous Democrat government.

The Associated Press reported that Rice will leave her position in the Biden administration on May 26.  Rice’s replacement would have new duties once they are chosen.

The report said that Rice’s successor would put more emphasis on enforcing current policy than drafting or strengthening new legislation because of the reduced hopes resulting from a split Congress.

Former Trump Intelligence Director Ric Grenell said in a 2021 interview that Susan Rice had a more considerable influence than was being publicly acknowledged. He said that Rice was essentially functioning as a shadow president.

Grennell explained that Susan Rice would be taking on the role of domestic policy advisor.  Domestic policy is outside of her expertise.

She is a specialist in international affairs who is now responsible for domestic policy. That sends a loud and obvious message that our global and international policies will be handled the same way as our domestic ones.

The Democrat Party has an issue because of this. They’re appeasing domestic far-leftists while making a mess of international diplomacy.  

Grenell suggested that Susan Rice couldn’t be happier with Biden’s weakness. In the shadows, Susan Rice is a de facto president, but no one seems to notice.