White House Deletes Taiwan Flag From Twitter To Kiss Up To China

(RoyalPatriot.com )- China has reason to celebrate after the White House deleted a tweet that included the flag of Taiwan as if it were an independent nation.

Under Chinese control, Taiwan is still very much not independent and controlled by authoritarian communists and maniacs in China.

Chinese state media boasted last Friday over a successful campaign to get the Biden administration to respect the “One China” policy and delete the tweet, which listed Taiwan as one of a number of countries that have received COVID-19 donations from the United States. The tweet featured an icon with the national flag of Taiwan.

Taiwanese leaders expressed public gratitude to the United States for the vaccine donations and for the tweet of recognition, but Beijing forced the United States to remove the tweet, and even managed to successfully get the Biden administration to admit that it was an “honest mistake.”

Do you think the Trump administration would have backed down to communist authoritarians like this?

What, exactly, does China have on President Joe Biden to get him to bow to their demands in an instant?

A spokesperson for the Biden administration said on Thursday that the United States is committed to the One China Policy and that the United States has been committed to this policy – unchanged – for decades.

Really? President Trump wasn’t so committed to China…

The Global Times, a state-run propaganda news outlet in China quoted former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger on Friday, who commemorated the 50th anniversary of his diplomatic trip to China, which included the original agreement to support the “One China” policy. The Times boasted about how the United States supports China, unchallenged, over its claims to various foreign territories.

Biden received a flurry of criticism for the cowardly decision to back down from supporting the people of Taiwan.

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz slammed Biden for being “terrified” to acknowledge the existence of Taiwan over fear of offending the “communist dictator” President Xi Jinping, before slamming him as “weak on China.”