White House Creates Exceptions Ahead of Lifting Title 42

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Despite the Biden administration’s plan to lift the Title 42 immigration restriction on May 21, last week, President Biden issued a memo granting countless illegals a cascade of exemptions to Title 42 and ordering Border Patrol officers to process those exempted illegals starting on April 21.

In other words, the Biden administration is effectively lifting Title 42 a full month earlier.

In a memo sent last week, the president identified six ports of entry where these exemptions will be granted and outlined a broad range of conditions qualifying an illegal for being exempted from Title 42.

The memo orders Border Patrol to process illegals Biden deems “potentially amenable for an exception to Title 42.” Among those who would qualify are illegals with a physical or mental illness, or disability, and those who are pregnant (here come the anchor babies!). It would also exempt illegals under 21 or over 70, along with their families, if they lack access to “safe housing or shelter in Mexico” or if there is a possibility that they might have been “threatened or harmed in Mexico.”

He might as well just have announced that Title 42 was being lifted a month earlier.

A senior official who spoke on the condition of anonymity told Just the News that Biden’s order does exactly that – lift Title 42 a month earlier. The official said rather than have a month to prepare for the inevitable tsunami of illegals, they are expecting that “avalanche to begin in just a few days.”

The president’s memo made it clear that US Border Patrol agents will be expected to work with advocacy groups and lawyers who are already using this exemption process to try to get as many illegal aliens into the country as possible.

It’s almost as if the White House was coordinating this memo with these open-borders groups in advance. How much do you want to bet these activists and lawyers knew about Biden’s memo before the Border Patrol did?

The US Border Patrol encountered nearly 210,000 illegal aliens in March alone. Of those over 80,000 illegals were permitted to remain in the United States.

And now with Title 42 effectively ending in a matter of days, things are about to get much, much worse.