White House Confirms Joe Biden Made Big Mistake

(RoyalPatriot.com )- The White House was forced to confirm that President Joe Biden mistook Libya and Syria three times during a press conference over the weekend, in the latest embarrassing gaffe for the president. The White House described how Biden stumbled over his words and got confused as he attempted to explain his interest in discussing the conflict with Syria during his upcoming summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The confirmation came in the form of a transcript from the White House.

In the transcript, which you can read here, Biden repeatedly said “Libya” instead of Syria. He claimed that there are many areas where the United States can work with Russia, including the opening of the passes in “Libya.”

“For example, the rebuilding of, of Syria, of Libya, of you know, this is, they’re there,” Biden added.

No…we don’t know, Joe. Do you?

In a third part of the transcript, Biden again said that he is hopeful that the United States can find an accommodation with Russia to save lives in “Libya,” again meaning…Syria.

Don’t believe it? Take a look at the clip for yourself.

It’s not the first time that President Biden has gotten confused during a speech, and it’s unlikely to be the last. However, with the Biden-Putin summit coming up this week, it’s likely concerning for the rest of the Biden administration that this is the guy who will be heading up discussions with Russia.

Following the press conference, Biden’s own national security advisor Jake Sullivan also confirmed that President Biden was actually talking about Syria, and not Libya. He also confirmed that the president would be talking about Syria with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey on Monday, which has since passed.

How hard do you think world leaders laugh with their associates after talking to President Biden for an hour?

During the recent G7 summit, Biden even attempted to correct British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, claiming that he hadn’t introduced another world leader.