White House Claims Nation Is At Standstill Over Ukraine Aid

In a December 7 White House press briefing, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby refused to speculate on how Kyiv might view the ongoing talks in Congress over the president’s supplemental security package to provide aid to Ukraine, Israel, and the southern border but warned that the well was about to run dry.

Kirby said within a few weeks, the current aid provided to Ukraine will run out, adding that this “should be unacceptable to everybody.”

In October, the president requested an additional $106 billion in supplemental security that included aid to both Israel and Ukraine. However, the aid package has been held up in Congress where Republican lawmakers have demanded changes to immigration and asylum policies and additional funding for border enforcement in exchange for providing further aid to Ukraine.

This week, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky visited Washington to meet with lawmakers and the president in hopes of drumming up support for additional aid.

Zelensky met with senators and House Speaker Mike Johnson on Tuesday to press for further assistance in Ukraine’s war with Russia.

After the meeting on Capitol Hill, Republican senators voiced support for Zelensky but insisted that the Biden administration must agree to immigration changes before they would agree to further assistance for Ukraine.

Following his meetings at the Capitol, Zelensky met with President Biden in the Oval Office where the two leaders joined forces in urging Congress to pass the supplemental aid package before the end of the year.

The president said he approved an additional $200 million in drawdown funding for Ukraine but said those funds would quickly run out. He urged Congress to pass the aid package before lawmakers leave for the holiday recess, warning that if they don’t, Congress would be handing Russian President Vladimir Putin “the greatest Christmas gift they could possibly give him.”