“Wheel Of Fortune” Host Storms Out

(RoyalPatriot.com )- A mystified Pat Sajak was so stunned that Wednesday’s “Wheel of Fortune” winner was the third consecutive contestant to win $100,000 in the bonus round, he playfully walked off the set.

In the history of the long-running game show, there had never been two consecutive $100,000 bonus-round winners, let alone three.

At the beginning of Wednesday’s show, Sajak pointed out Monday and Tuesday’s consecutive $100,000 wins. Then he joked that, because of “budgetary considerations,” if a contestant on Wednesday’s show wins the bonus round, instead of cash, “we’re playing for luncheon meats tonight.”

Then the inexplicable happened. Wednesday’s winner, elementary school teacher Bree Yokouchi became the third consecutive contestant to win the bonus round, landing a total of $121,638 in cash and prizes.

The $100,000 bonus round pot is the biggest cash prize a “Wheel of Fortune” contestant can win. And after Yokouchi solved the puzzle correctly, Sajak jokingly tossed his cue cards into the air and playfully walked off stage saying, “I’m outta here. That’s it. I’m through.”

Of course, Sajak was just play-acting. He was back on the set to celebrate with Yokouchi, saying her victory was “a heck of a solve.”

Sajak’s daughter Maggie, who works as a behind-the-scenes correspondent for “Wheel of Fortune” shared the story on Twitter. She said she spoke to her father about Wednesday’s historic “three-peat,” and said he was stunned and surprised, adding he couldn’t find all the words to describe his reaction.

Maggie asked Sajak if he thought it was possible “Wheel of Fortune” could have a fourth consecutive $100,000 winner. Sajak told her it would be “virtually impossible.”