WH Scrambling As New Report Could Destroy Biden

The Special Counsel’s investigation into President Biden’s handling of sensitive materials allegedly exposes humiliating revelations, which have associates of the president worried.

According to reports, Biden’s aides are concerned that Special Counsel Robert Hur’s probe would expose humiliating details, including images, of the storage of the papers, but they do not anticipate criminal charges in the classified documents case of Biden.

The Penn Biden Center found classified materials from Biden’s tenure as vice president in November 2022. The newly-discovered papers were initially reported in January 2023. The White House then confirmed, a few days later, that Biden’s house in Delaware had additional secret materials found in it.

Special counsel to the White House Richard Sauber said at the time that the records had not been the focus of any prior request or investigation by the Archives. Following this revelation, the White House legal team has worked with the National Archives and the DOJ to transfer any relevant materials from the Obama-Biden administration to the Archives.

According to the narrative, Biden aides anticipate that the specifics of Hur’s investigation would be politically harmful, regardless of whether or not criminal charges are filed. The aides also predict the report might be released in the second week of February.

In January 2023,  Biden justified the locations of classified papers.

He promised to address all of it at a later date. He said the confidential papers and his Corvette were kept in a secure garage.

Personal photos of Biden in his Corvette showed crushed, disheveled boxes and exposed papers inside the garage.

The same political upheaval that occurred when photographs of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago document storage area were leaked may happen again if any images of Biden’s classified documents were to surface.

In August 2022, during their historic raid, FBI agents obtained sensitive documents from the Mar-a-Lago residence of former president Trump.

Former White House Counsel Dana Remus was one of at least five White House officials implicated in the classified papers affair involving Joe Biden.