WEF-Linked Lawmaker Says Ukraine is Fighting for ‘This New World Order’

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Last week, a photo of a gun-wielding female member of the Ukrainian parliament went viral on social media. And in no time, the MP, Kira Rudik, was appearing on cable news, the latest media sensation.

Rudik, 36, who has been a member of Parliament since 2019, tweeted out a photo of herself posing with an AK-47, vowing that the women of Ukraine would “protect the soil” just as Ukrainian men do.

She appeared on Fox News Saturday over the weekend to discuss the ongoing advance of Russian troops on Kyiv where she dismissed the claims that Kyiv would fall last week. Boasting “We did not,” Rudik said the city has more surprises in store for “Putin’s army” and vowed that the world would see how Ukrainian “stand for their country.”

At one point in the interview, Rudik said that Ukraine is not only fighting for itself, but it is fighting for “this new world order for the democratic countries.” She said that Ukraine is the “shield.”

Naturally, this mention of the “new world order” sent red flags up among some in the US, something comedian Tim Young quickly seized on:

Yes, Ukraine, like every other European nation, has liberal politicians too.

Ukraine’s forces had managed to keep Russia’s troops and tank columns at bay over the weekend, surprising those who expected a swift defeat of its resistance forces.

Rudik told Fox that she remained optimistic and was working on plans for rebuilding roads and buildings to prepare Ukraine “to get back to the peaceful times.”

Watch the full interview on Fox News Saturday HERE.