Web Archive Doubles Down On Calling Constitution A Sensitive Document

(RoyalPatriot.com )- After it was revealed that the National Archives was applying what were effectively “trigger warnings” to historic documents, including the United States Constitution, there appears to be no remorse or backtracking.

David S. Ferriero, the United States archivist, reiterated that the National Archives will continue to apply warnings to its catalog to ensure that people reading historic documents are aware of language that they might find “difficult.”

In a letter to Arizona’s Attorney General Mark Brnovich, Ferriero doubled down on the decision and said that a blanket warning on the entire catalog will now be used. He insisted that the warning was important because the catalog “contains some content that may be graphic or difficult to view.”

He said that the records span the entirety of United States history, which everyone knew already, and then failed to address the very real concerns that the National Archives was succumbing to far-left political activism that may someday see historic documents censored entirely.

In case you missed the original story, the National Archives caused controversy when it decided to apply a warning label on certain Archive pages, telling people that there is “content that may be harmful or difficult to view.”

You can read the full letter to Attorney General Brnovich here.

While some might say that warning people about graphic content is a good thing, many would ask whether it’s just a sign of more to come.

If radical leftists think that the content in the National Archives is so bad that people need a warning before reading it, then how long will it be before they demand that it is censored?

And then how long after that will it be before they demand the Constitution of the United States is changed?

Food for thought…