WAPO Reporter Targeted Ron DeSantis With False Report, Investigation Finds

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Reporters aren’t waiting until Ron DeSantis officially runs for President to start dropping highly dishonest hit-pieces on him.

Washington Post reporter Hannah Dreier seized on the Miami condo collapse to launch a deeply misleading attack accusing DeSantis of dragging his feet and preventing FEMA from responding in a timely manner.

In a tweet posted on Saturday, Dreier claimed that, despite FEMA being “ready to deploy” to the site of the condo collapse, it didn’t get Governor DeSantis’ permission “to get on the ground for a full day.”

According to Dreier, FEMA received no requests from Florida for its assistance within 24 hours of the collapse.

Dreier of course is deploying the same tactics utilized against Donald Trump for four straight years to try and smear DeSantis as incompetent and bungling.

But Dreier’s claims were built on a shoddy foundation of lies. And it didn’t take long for her allegations to crumble into dust.

According to DeSantis’ press secretary Christina Pushaw, Dreier’s inflammatory accusation was “missing important context.”

In addition to never asking Pushaw for comment, Dreier also disregarded the timeline of events after the building collapse.

Pushaw, tweeted a response to Dreier, explained that emergency response began “within minutes” of the disaster. Pushaw praised Miami Dade County and its “amazing first responders” for their quick response.

What Dreier’s report failed to mention was procedure requires an emergency declaration from local government first, then state government, then FEMA. The Mayor didn’t sign his emergency declaration until 4:33 pm on Thursday afternoon. Governor DeSantis was right on his heels signing the state’s emergency declaration less than an hour later.

When FEMA reached out to Florida officials, emergency management was already well underway. The Red Cross had already established short term shelters for displaced condo residents and was locating hotel rooms for all the families impacted by the building collapse.

Christina Pushaw later said that she contacted Dreier demanding a retraction of her claim. Thus far, she has received no response and Dreier’s dishonest tweet is still posted on Twitter.

Of course it is.

Misinformation only gets removed from Twitter if it harms a Democrat.